Are you using best practices in managing your liability risk?

From a liability standpoint, we live in perilous times.  Our society is more litigious than ever, and prudence requires the use of best practices to protect your human and real assets.

In addition to the high legal, administrative and insurance costs, liability exposure hurts your brand image and employee morale.

Our active loss preventive systems will help you navigate the liability risk with confidence.

Risk Goals Legal

Liability Risk Advisors for the Apartment Industry

Our risk systems are developed by litigators at Karsaz Law with more than 20 years of multifamily litigation defense experience to prevent and/or protect you in the event of litigation.

We tailor state-specific programs, strategies and tactics which best suit your real estate company with the goal of reducing liability exposure and costs.

Our risk systems are intended to support onsite and regional managers, as well as corporate general counsel and risk managers.

With an increasingly litigious liability environment, Premises has well-tested risk systems to help protect your assets and employees.

Our systems are designed to support your managers at every level:

Onsite and Regional Managers

Corporate and Asset Managers

General Counsel and Risk Managers


                                Loss Prevention Protocols

            Improve and centralize the management of your fair housing issues using our experienced risk professionals to mitigate exposure.

                            Protect your assets with the best                                  practices in incident reporting,                                      water intrusion/mold, pest control                                practices and other liability                                            prevention protocols.

      Complaint Resolution Program

                                Emergency Response

Actively investigate and resolve claims, complaints and grievances prior to litigation.

                             Be prepared for resident and                                         property damages issues from                                     the onset of fire and other losses. 

Transfer of Risk

          Risk Auditing

Use our vendor and third party risk transfer programs to minimize liability costs.

From inspection programs to risk audits and litigation trend reports, our preventative programs help you be ready for all liability issues.

The loss prevention systems created by Karsaz Law have been used on a regional or nationwide basis for more than 20 years.  Here are some representative clients:

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